About Us


When it comes to protecting our bodies from the elements, we all wear clothing, which is also known as dress (garments or outfit), or clothing. To put it simply, clothing is described as everything that covers one’s body, including one’s arms and legs and one’s hands as well as their heads. The term “accessory” refers to items that are not worn, such as purses, but that are nevertheless counted as such. Other than clothing selections and the overall message conveyed by an individual through his or her body decoration (such as body art, tattoos, make-up and haircut), body art does not constitute clothes
You won’t only notice the difference with every purchase from us; you’ll remember it for the rest of your life – there is no going back!


Meet The Creator

Meet our CEO and FounderĀ  Kanessa Muluneh Currently based in Amsterdam, Ethiopian born mother of two is the newest sportswear designer in town with gym wear for women with curves. As a wife, entrepreneur, fitness and American Football fanatic, Kanessa loves exercising and inspiring plus size women to stay healthy, one squat or power lift at a time. Over the years she has studied the limited options in plus size sportswear and has brought something new to the fitness market for curvy women who want to look good both inside and outside of the gym.

Our companies goal is to inspire plus size woman to love and appreciate their bodies. In our world and digital world!

The whole team of the Kanessa Brand and the Digital Creators works together to make KANESSA NFTs possible.

Kanessa Muluneh

CEO, Founder


Jugoslav Kishi


After graduating from college, I have worked in a several medium-sized companies as a full stack web developer. Actually I love React as a frontend stack, and like Node.js and mongoDB as a backend stack. I have built several company-level products during that period. My rich full stack management experience is very helpful to manage huge project. In the last 4 years I have been working as a blockchain engineer. I started with cryptocurrency, and now I can build any complex DeFi and NFT projects including DeFi protocols and NFT marketplace, NFT game and metaverse projects. I have built complex smart contract systems while I worked on several DeFi projects, so I am very familiar with modern smart contract/ web3 system. Actually I am a full stack blockchain engineer. My skills and experience will be helpful to build perfect blockchain products. I love team working. Helping and learning from each other is very important for any project. I hope to contribute to the world and all peoples that I love.



Originally an Architect by profession who loves creating anything about art, this includes physical arts, aquascaping and various product designs. Started doing 3D artworks as a hobby, eventually evolved to do Architectural 3D and now focuses his energy and enter the new world of Web3 and create NFT artworks.