Kanessa NFTs

The Plus Size Ladies

Our art evolves around our digital ambassadors wearing
Kanessa clothing to inspire plus-size women to love their bodies.

Kanessa NFTs

The Plus Size Ladies

Our art evolves around our digital ambassadors
wearing the Kanessa clothing to inspire plus-size women to love their bodies.

We are the First Clothing Brand that offers NFTs Our Goal is to Inspire Plus-Sized Women to Love and Appreciate Their Body Shapes!

Inspiring All Plus-Sized Women to Love and Appreciate Their Shapes

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” Not every woman is size 0. What we believe is that every woman is beautiful in her own way, irrespective of the body shape, size, figure, hair color, and eye color.
Regardless of the number on the scale, we will continue to fight for women to appreciate their bodies. All women are lovely and we should all embrace our curves, therefore we’ll continue to adhere to our basic attitude.

Love and Appreciate Your Body

With the debut of our NFTs products, Kanessa hopes to keep evolving in order to better serve our customers. Curvy women are finally getting the recognition they deserve in the media, but size acceptance is still an issue in society. It’s not uncommon for diet medicines and plus-size clothing to be sold together, and the idea that all women can and should look like skinny models is still prevalent in popular culture.

In addition

Kanessa is constantly adding new and interesting products to our line in order to challenge the status quo. Regardless of the number on the scale, we will continue to fight for women to appreciate their bodies. All women are lovely and we should all embrace our curves, therefore we’ll continue to adhere to our basic attitude.

Meet Our Digital Ambassadors

Kanessa NFTs are serving as a ray of hope for all plus size women , who also deserve to live and enjoy like other beautiful women in the society ,thereby alleviating the norm of slim and slender beauty.


This is Nina, a housewife, and a mother of three. Nina always has a busy schedule taking care of her kids and husband. She loves cooking, outing, shopping, swimming, and enjoys her life to the fullest. Nina is an extroverted person and enjoys socializing with friends and family. Despite having a plus size figure, she dazzles and flaunts her voluptuous body without caring for what others would say. She loves walking on a ramp, showcasing her curves from every angle, feeling confident and lively. At the same time, she is compassionate about doing exercise and stretches to keep her body toned and well-shaped.

Fashionista Housewife

Nina is fond of fashion and always loves to wear trendy and stylish Kanessa outfits, which are specially designed for beautiful plus size figures. What Nina wants us to know is that plus size women can also wear fashionable clothes and still can be called beautiful, hot, and sexy.

Nina loves hanging out with her friend in modish wearables, although she has a chubby body but still, she savors the pleasures of shopping and feels lovely. Nina believes that every woman is beautiful and must enjoy the privilege of looking amazing. Rainy days, harsh words, and mocks cannot take away the desire of looking and feeling beautiful. Nina also educates her girls, not to be ashamed of their body shape, and must love it the way it is.


Meet Nicki, a red-haired pretty woman, and a yoga instructor with a plus size figure. She is an inspiration for those who feel abandoned and cornered by society only because of their weight and shape and want to transform themselves into an acceptable figure. Nicki has turned their lives upside down by her proper training in the yoga classes, teaching them aerobics and meditation, to keep their mind and soul at peace and not to feed their minds with such negative thoughts and vibes, which make them feel less. Nicki relishes the beauty of her life and her body by engaging herself in different activities and teaches others to believe in themselves and their inner beauty.

Yoga Instructor

Nicki is a noticeably confident and bold woman, especially in her Kanessa leggings, who wants every beautiful plus size woman to stand up and go for what they think is resisting them in fulfilling their dreams of looking charming, energetic, and full of love. Nicki feels like a Queen, and does not hesitate or back herself off from doing stuff she admires. Nicky has shown the world that she also deserves to live, act, and enjoy like a Queen. She loves her sensual body and damn cares what others think of her


This is Jessy. She is a beautiful dark skin woman! She is incredibly attractive and has a lovely curvaceous figure. She is also a professional Photographer who loves capturing nature. She is of the view that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Like every other woman, Jessy has full liberty to live the life she deserves, and this is well highlighted by the way she poses in front of cam exhibiting every single curve of her round body in Kanessa clothes. A heavy body has no significant effect on her mind as she has accepted and loved her body, the way it is made. She adorns herself in a luxury outfit empowering women out there to wear the type of clothes they love and let others say what they want. She thinks that what others say is none of her business, and she has the equal right to celebrate every day the way she likes.


Jessy is an extroverted black woman, indicating that color, no matter what, has no power to shadow your beauty unless you are brighter from inside and satisfied with your inner voice and conscience. Jessy likes socializing with people, enjoys their company, takes selfies, group pictures, and is a significant role model for those who keep social distance with a fear of having a plus size figure in their minds.


Meet Robin, a pretty and aesthetically pleasing woman, who looks damn hot and sexy, even with a curvy body and a plus size figure. Robin is a sports teacher in high school and is dedicated to teaching her students to win and live life to the fullest. Having a bigger size is just a matter of mind for Robin, as she takes her plus size figure as mental appreciation and sensual delight. No fear of looking fat, no time for gossip, she is glad and fascinated by her plus size beauty and has no ways that can hold her back from looking gorgeous and charming. Women with bigger bodies tend to avoid sports but Robin does her job with full certitude. She runs and plays on the ground in her Kanessa wear with her students to improve their skills and to boost their energy.

Sports Teacher

She is a compassionate person and does not let negativity haunt her desires to live like any other woman out there because she believes in herself, her inner and outer beauty and wants others to follow the same path. Some women feel like they cannot enjoy their life but Robin has cleared our society and narrow mind from most stigmas and encouraged women of every age, size, body shape, and status to live life at their fullest. Come on! Get up! “You only live once.” Set your goal and kick!


Our digital ambassadors Nina, Nicky, Stephanie, Robin, and Jessy are beautiful icons for plus size women
addressing them to love themselves first.


Phase 1

New NFTs will be added every first of the month. The ambassadors will wear clothes from our physical Kanessa Brand. Each launch we will tell a story about the NFTs to make their digital lifestyle come to life.

Phase 2

We will add another female ambassador to the family and will launch our men’s collection, they will also be represented in our digital world.

Phase 3

Expand our collection in virtual reality and make it available in the metaverse where you can shop.

Phase 4

Start creating a second world in the metaverse where these ambassadors come to life. You will be able to create a parallel life online where you can meet or be one of these ambassadors.

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Most frequent questions and answers
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Tokens that are not interchangeable are known as non-fungible, and they are usually tied to a single piece of property. It is possible to utilize them to verify ownership of both digital and physical assets, such as video game skins. Other types of tokens, such as coins and banknotes, can be exchanged for one another. There is no difference in qualities or value between two fungible tokens when they are exchanged. Non-fungible tokens are transforming the world by enabling the digitization of virtually anything. Not only do NFTs digitalize assets, but they also create a platform where we can transact in a trustworthy and transparent manner with anyone at any time of the day and prove ownership via blockchain. This is a major benefit of NFTs

We launch new NFTs every first of the month

It is easiest to think of an NFT as a digital artifact. Collectibles like great wine, trade cards, or even historic cars are recognizable to most investors. Investing in these types of assets can often pay off handsomely, as their values tend to rise independently of other markets. Because they are so rare, they have a tendency to appreciate in value. First and foremost, it’s important to know who made the item and how many were made. There are a lot of forgeries in the uncontrolled marketplaces, thus verifying the item’s authenticity is very crucial. An NFT investment is essentially the same as investing in digital collectibles. Why would you want to put money into non-financial companies (NFTs)? You might be asking. Due to some of the following factors, NFTs have shown to be a lucrative investment: Tokenized Assets are more valuable Physical objects, like artworks, can be tokenized using NFTs, which eliminates repetition and keeps ownership of the artworks in the hands of the artist only. In consequence, this generates a sense of exclusivity and worth for the piece of art. It benefits Investors benefit by offering them with additional liquidity: Investors have more control over their assets when they tokenize them. It’s possible for someone to rent out their virtual land for a charge to advertisements or influencers, while remaining owning the area. In this situation, the virtual land is still owned by the owner, but some of it has been dissolved into rent. Myriads of potential to grow and develop In the land sector, NFTs have a lot of potential for growth and development. When you own and regulate digital properties, you have the authority to decide what to do with them. Pegging NFTs to land pieces has shown great potential for growth and development, for example in real estate. Rental, online sales or a strong business can all be done with this property.
Transacting without reporting to a central authority is made possible by NFTs, which allow us to do so in a way that fosters confidence and transparency among all parties involved. A further benefit of NFTs is that they give creators the ability to provide their customers with exactly what they want when they want it. When viewed at a macro level, NFTs make it more enjoyable and frictionless for us to trade, hold, and view assets. In my honest opinion, the ability of NFTs to provide us with more time is invaluable.
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